Today Thus far.....

July 26, 2011

4:30am: Kota wakes up needing a bottle. Hubby gets up makes the bottle sits down in the chair and falls back asleep, without the baby. I get up get the bottle and the baby and send the hubby back to bed.
5am: Everyone is back asleep, I'm wide awake.
5:10am: decide to do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Did half the tape then realized that Jillian and her little workout friend in the back obviously were talking bad about me and had some kind of inside joke going on. So just to stick it to her I finished the rest of the work out by sitting on the floor just watching. Ha! What do you think about that Jillian!
6am: Shower. While washing my hair and shaving my leg yes at the same time, Mr. Hunter comes in and throws open the curtain much to my surprise.  I scream and fall down. Mr. Hunter looks at me turns around and goes back to bed.
6:20am: Kota is up. I feed him and realize I only shaved 1 leg and there is still conditioner in my hair.
6:45am: I rinse conditioner out forget about shaving the other leg. The rest of the crew wakes up.
7am: Pancakes for breakfast. Attempted these.

Got this
Nailed it.

7:30am Cereal for breakfast.
8am: A request was made to play cars. Got out the cars, got the roads out, got everything set up. They now want to play playdoh.
8:13am: Get out playdoh.
9am: Playdoh is put away do to the majority of it being eaten or shoved up the nose.
9-11am: The kids decided to take inventory of all the toys while I was cleaning up the disaster known as breakfast. Inventory check was only achieved by getting out every single toy we own.
11:30am: Lunch. Mac-n-cheese, which I dropped on the floor while draining.
11:52am: Lunch PB and J
12:30pm: Getting ready for naptime. Junebug has a major blowout, a blue one. I believe from the playdoh.
1-2:30pm: Mr. Hunter and Junebug are in their rooms suppose to be napping but instead are playing .
1:30-2:30pm: Kota and I take a nap instead.
3pm: Junebug, Mr.Hunter and Kota bear are all sleeping. I am staring at what use to be my couch but is now a giant laundry basket holding all the clean clothes that need to be folded.  I instead decide to update the ol' blog and drink a cherry coke. And hope the kids sleep until their daddy gets home! :)

We went to the animal fair....

July 25, 2011

This past week we hit up the County Fair, everyone was super excited!
love my little family

i don't think there is any mistaking these babies are related :)

the pigs were only visited once

family ride on the carousel...Junebug and I hated every minute of it!
she scream, and I tried my hardest not to throw up.

and then a huge milestone baby rode his first ride all by himself!!

thumbs up for being awesome

we played lots of games

and more games

and more games

and he rode more rides by himself, and I totally was that mom and
made them stop the ride because they forgot to buckle mr. hunter in.
He was flying and airplane, that went up in the air, a seatbelt was needed!!!!

and mr. hunter and his daddy rode the big slide

Then a few days later we took our sweet first born son on a much needed
date night

he was so excited for date night!

and where do little boys want to go for date night....
to the demolition derby of course!

and our good friend Mr. BJ was driving in it so that made it even more fun

love him!

We also went back up to see all the animals and ride more carnival rides but I was to busy having fun with my little man to take pictures!

summer nights

July 23, 2011

Right now I'm sitting outside on our swing enjoying a beautiful summer night thinking about my lovely babies, and wonderful husband and completely marveling in the blessings that i have been given. We have been having some very typical absolutely wonderful summer days and summer nights which I will post about soon, but until then these random summer pictures will have to do.

cute brothers hanging out

getting ready to go swimming in nana and grandpa's pool

laughing at brother

growing like a weed (finally!)

playing with our toys

legos with daddy

and a sleepy princess with a bed full of friends.

July 8, 2011

Holy Moly me oh my....(your the apple of my eye. name that song) what a week. This has been a toouugghh week. Let me start by giving a little history.  I have nursed this sweet baby from day one, and starting at two weeks old Kota Bear has been spitting up  puking up everything like he is playing an understudy in the Exorcist. We have tried 3 different reflux meds, seen 2 different doctors, had xrays, barium swallows, seen the chiropractor, seen the voodoo doctor, tried natural meds, I got off dairy, I got on meds, I got on natural meds, I saw the voodoo doctor, i prayed, and I prayed, and our church prayed, and my friends prayed. For the past 3 months we have been to the doctor every week, sometimes twice a week. And every week his weight has dropped, if by chance he gained a couple of ounces they were gone by the time the next appointment rolled around. I have watched my baby be poked for IVs more then I care too. I have watched my baby scream, arch and squirm away every time we nurse. I have increased my supply, decreased my supply, nursed up right, laying down, and on my head (not really but it feels like it), and still my baby throws up, and drops weight.
Now no one has to tell me how wonderful breastfeeding is, breast is best. I wholeheartedly believe that. In the three short years that I have been a mom breastfeeding my babies has been by far my favorite part. However yesterday I gave my baby a soy bottle, and yesterday was the first time in 3 months that my baby laid perfectly still, completely relaxed, stared deep into my eyes and ate. No crying, no kicking, no screaming, just laid there looking at me like he was saying " THANK GOD WOMAN! YOU FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!" My "plan" was to give him this soy every other feeding and still nurse and just get his weight back up. When the next feeding rolled around and I put him on to nurse, he kicked, and screamed, and darn near sprinted out of the room. I gave him a soy bottle and he smiled, cuddled, and drank his bottle, and I cried.....and cried....and called my dad and cried.....and cried to my friend Misty ( thanks misty)....and cried to the hubby....and cried to my mom....and cried to god....had a drink (since now I'm not nursing), and went to bed.
And today I woke up to a baby cooing and smiling, not screaming, and today for the first time I got a belly laugh from my baby, and today my baby gain 4oz since his weight check Wednesday, and today at the doctor there was no stress about having to be admitted to the hospital, and today I apologized to god...whoopsie sorry about that whole doubting you thing :) , and today Mr. Hunter told me that he likes it when kota bear doesn't scream, and today was a much better day than yesterday.

So today I am thankful for soy formula, and I am thankful for my baby not being in pain and actually enjoying eating, and today I am thankful for ice packs, ibuprofen, alcohol, and that fact that it is physically impossible for my boobs (which are now so engorged that they are bigger than two small children) to's impossible for my boobs to explode.....someone tell my my boobs won't EXPLODE!!!!!!!!

4th of July Weekend

July 5, 2011

Warning: Picture Overload :)
We started off the weekend with a little "swimming" in the backyard. These two are little fish! If there is any water at all...a puddle, a pool it doesn't matter these two are diving in!

finishing up a stint in timeout. :) if your gonna to the crime, gotta do the time.

Some 4th of July treats

sweet kota bear is getting so big!!!

I didn't think that it was fair to show the smiling pictures of our little activity without this picture too.
During most of our activities someone is crying, it happens. :)
On the 3rd we went out to the lake for the firework show! i was so excited!!

So excited in fact that I made the family show up a tad bit early......

Which is why all these pictures are in broad daylight.
So went spent an hour and a half have the kids play an awesome game called "see how fast you can run to the tree, I'll time ya!"

The "get ready" fireworks were a little loud so Hunter thought he should help Kota Bear out.

Finally it's dark out! See all that practicing paid off! He was a pro at watching the fireworks!!

On the 4th we had these fun little treats for lunch.

And look how Becky Homecky I was this weekend! So awesome in fact that my kids ate most of the strawberries while i was in the shower, and I decided to "test" one of the rice crispy treat cupcakes just to make sure they weren't poisonous...they were rock hard. In shock I asked the hubby what he thought the deal was and after some investigation we realized that the end of my spoon was melted OFF! So if ever you need to make rock hard treats just melt some plastic in with the marshmallows! So the only thing I took to our family BBQ was the cup o pretzels.... :(

found his thumb

Granny Great and Kota, my babies love her to pieces!

getting ready to start the show! Junebug and Aunt April are hiding way in the back! :)

see :)

Granny had someone in her lap the whole night! :) as soon as one baby got up another baby jumped in!

He found the powder of a smoke bomb

I was scared it would be to loud for him but he loved it!

I love that little smile!!!!

Hunter and his first sparkler!!! my baby is getting so big!
We had a wonderful weekend!!