Just for fun

May 22, 2011

I think that this is to cute not to share. I almost couldn't tell them apart! :)

Libbys Graduation!!!!

May 21, 2011

I know that we have been gone for a while.....I promise we have a good reason! My Little Sister graduated from KSU!!!!!!
We started the weekend by Little Hunter chillin in the hotel with Bunny and Papa.....helping Papa do push ups.....

and then there was some cookies snacks!

The next day everyone got ready for the big graduation. There was some sign making.....

And some pretty sweet outfit changes, all of the kid's shirts said " I (heart) my Grad!

Auntie Libby got ready and we headed off.

She had a pretty awesome cheering section too!

She did it! Wahoo!!!!


After the graduation we headed to the lake for a BBQ with all the family.

There were lots of cousins running around playing trucks,

seriously how cute is this little guy!!!! love him!

Junebug in all her curly hair loveliness

sweet Caroline

A quick cousin story time

She couldn't hang..... :)

How cute are these two! Who by the way are going to be adding another cousin to the group! Can't wait!!

The "nice" cousin picture....minus the hubby and hunter who were...surprise surprise fishing. :)

this pictures better describes the fam! ha ha

he tapped out.....

It was a little chilly out...every wad of blanket is a baby....
And one of my sisters....might of had to bust out "the space blanket"...
(the head has been removed for my safety!)

On Sunday we took some more pics of the graduate and then headed to the Manhattan letters...or "the mountain" as Mr hunter calls it.

Future KSU Graduate....who needed to potty :)

He was very proud of his auntie

On top of the mountain

So excited to "climb" the mountain. He said he would of climbed higher but he needed time bud!

It was a great weekend and I am so proud of my little sister! We love you Auntie Libby!!!!! 

Family Pictures

May 6, 2011

An extremely talented photographer who I am pleased to call a friend took some amazing family pictures for us! If you would like some awesome pictures head on over to Tiffany's website. She truly is great at what she does and is wonderful with kids! She has a "few" kiddos of her own so my crazy herd was a breeze for her....I hope! :) We had a blast during the photo shoot seriously laughing the entire time and I think the pictures she took truly capture our make my heart happy just looking at them!

Hemphill Boys

Hemphill Girls

Isn't this one great?!

Look at that little Kota Bear

See I wasn't kidding Tiffany is amazing at what she does!!!! Thank you again Tiff! My house will be happy seeing all these pictures on the walls! :)

(disclaimer: All pictures were taking by "Images by Tiffany" including those in my new header")

Weekend Fun

May 1, 2011

I absolutely love that the weather is finally starting to be and stay warm enough that we can spend all our time outside. Friday evening after the Hubby was off work we decided to load everyone up and have a supper picnic at "Daddy's Lake". The kids love being there!!
she looks so big in this picture!

Kota bear was snoozing during the picnic 
After the picnic we decided to take a little hike

Little Hunter and I with our walking sticks

Junebug officially hiking on our hike!

Yes we let our babies play in the river

They had a blast! We had to hold on to Junebug at first, she was ready to dive in!! :)

Muddy girl....after she tried to eat a frog!

It's easier to throw rocks if you are sitting

After playing in the river and an outfit change we headed to the Homemade Ice Cream Shoppe

Ice cream tastes better when you eat it outside :)

Love these two!!

And I even caught the end of a smile from this one! Love it!!

Saturday morning these two brothers decided to hang out in mom and dad's bed and watch some cartoons.
Then we had a big day planned. Bunny and Papa came to town and we headed over to ride the train and check out the "police car man" cars..... 

Taking it all in! He was so serious during it all, but had a ton to say about it afterwards!

Checking out the ambulance with Papa

Watching the big ladder go up on the fire truck.

In the car with the "police car man" they had a talk about seat belts and let me tell you if you ride with us you will be drilled until you put your seat belt on!

Bunny and Mr. Hunter waiting to ride the train. I promise he had a blast he just is very serious during days like this.

Junebug on the other hand could not stop laughing and saying "HIIII" to everyone!

Love my two boys!

The tunnel cracked Buggy up!

Mr. Hunter even got to pull the whistle! 
Kota bear is in there just look close :)

Mr. Hunter with the fireman....who was daddy's friend so he warmed up a little more!

Thanks fireman BJ! :)

 It was such a fun day just being outside and running around..... so fun in fact that i forgot about new babies  needing sunscreen......
Sorry about the sunburn little bear :(

Yay for warmer weather and playing outside....but don't forget the sunscreen! :)