Easter Blessings

April 24, 2011

It's late and all the kids are asleep so this is going to be quick, lots a pictures not alot of words.

We had a wonderful Easter with these 3 little blessings.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

I swear....

April 21, 2011

....To tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Today I get and "F". A big fat "F". If someone gave me a report card today it would read:
Mommy skills: F
Housekeeper: F
Cook: F
Attitude: F-
Comments: This lady has gone crazy, mental help is advised.

When people have asked me "'s it going with 3 kids?!" my response has been "It's good...we are starting to find our rhythm!" What I don't say is by "rhythm" I mean I have showered two days in a row, not that I'm actually figuring out how to live life with 3 kids under 3. I love my kids and we have had some really amazing days but man we have also had some horrible days.

Today was not one of the good days...

I will start off by saying I feel like at this point in my life you have 2 options at my house.
Option A: Clean house/ Grumpy Kids     Option B:  Happy Kids/ Dirty House.
Today I went with option B. I tried to fully engage with my kids with no distractions and it still was a crappy day. Who would have thought that the attitude of a 3 year old would actually be the death of me! Now before we get started I understand that we have had some major changes in the house, and that we have been cooped up in the house, and that he is going through a company withdrawal,  so I get that we are going to have some "issues". That being said...AAAHHH!!!! I swear all I did was yell today, at everybody, for everything. Here is just a preview of what I yelled today.

"Are you getting in the diaper bin?! NO NO NO That's diaper cream not lotion!!!!! ARE YOU EATING IT?!??!?!!" (all directed to Miss Junebug)

"Did you just poop in your underwear?!"
"WHY?!! you know how to poop in the potty"
"well.....there is a lion and I like lions cause they ROAR but sometimes they are scary but I like eagle friends. I need strawberry milk"
"WHAT?! I'm talking about poop! Why didn't you poop in the potty?!"
"I like underwear" (all with Mr. Hunter)

"Get your feet off her!"
"Get your feet out of your mouth!"
"What are you eating?! Where did you find that!"

And many many more.......

Why do the bad days make you feel like such a failure? I know I'm not a bad mom but today I felt like I sucked. I even had to call my mama crying cause I was certain that my children would be scarred for life after's amazing how no sleep can make you have crazy thoughts! :) After a pep talk from my mom, Nana taking Mr. Hunter outside, and a shower I felt a little better. Thank goodness we have tomorrow, thank goodness that kids are resilient, and thank goodness that I have three wonderful children to stress over. It's hard trying to make sure all three are getting the attention that they need. When Mr. Hunter was little he was walking, doing sign language, making animal sounds when asked, driving a car all by the time he was a year. Ok maybe not driving but it sure felt like it. With Junebug, here at 16 months old she is just now officially a "walker". Why is she just now walking you may ask......I'm pretty sure it's because I forgot to teach her how to walk.......and the award goes too....not this mama! I'm a little scared for little bear when he gets bigger.....hell I'm scared for him now.

Just so you get the total package here are some pictures of our day today. At 10:27pm these pictures are finally funny to me so feel free to laugh. :)
While I was busy "tending" to this one..........this is what the other were doing.....

No really you can laugh......they are all sleeping....I like them when they are sleeping :)

3 weeks.

April 18, 2011

I can't believe that this chubby little one is 3 weeks old today!
Looks at those chins!!! I think he takes after his mama, why only settle for 1 chin when you can have a couple, we are over achievers.

But really how sweet is this little guy? He really use to look like the other can still see it but he is definitely starting to look like....well like Kota Bear.
And thanks to my dear friend Cassie for tell me about Wabbanubs. I'll admit I'm not a fan of the huge green binkies but this is the ONLY one little bear will take, believe me I have tried all the options. But with that being said I am starting to come around to the giant binkies and I think he looks pretty sweet with the lion hanging out of his mouth. Wabbanubs you are wonderful not only do you help to not lose binkies at night but you are a sweet cuddle buddy too!

Other big new in our Herd......
Junebug finally has enough hair to rock a ponytail!!!!! This is a proud day for mama! :) Now maybe people won't think she is a boy! :)

I'm also happy to report that this sweet Daisy-Head Maize is starting to come around to the new addition.

She loves to hold him but isn't a fan of the crying. I lover her face in this picture! :)

Big brother has been such a great helper! He is always close by to help a brother out!

The other night when I went to check on Mr. Hunter this is what I found....

His own little cave!

Things have been going pretty good here. We are starting to find our rhythm and even had sometime to start a few Easter crafts. So here is a sneak peak....hopefully we will find some time to finish them!

success.....well kinda....

April 11, 2011

Well we survived our first day by ourselves....with no 911 calls...and no puke. I worked it out! :) Not really....made alot of rookie mistakes.

Rookie mistake # 1: I woke up at 6am I totally knew I need to just get up and get everything ready...sippy cups, diapers, new clothes....but no I went back to sleep and woke up at 8am along with all 3 children who were not in a waiting mood when it came to getting the morning going.

The rest of the morning was a blur...diapers, feedings, refilling sippy cups, timeouts, and finally lunch.

Rookie Mistake # 2: Stagger lunchtime and don't trust Mr. Hunter and Junebug at the table by themselves while i sit in the recliner nursing the baby.......plates of food will fly.

Rookie Mistake # 3: I actually got all 3 down for a nap, sleeping, at the same time, but then I got cocky....I thought I could sneak in and take a picture so that I could document all three sleeping at the same time. I got pictures of the boys.....then I went to Junebug's door. I could hear her snoring through the door, I knew she was completely out. I slowly opened the door, took one step into her room....and she popped open her sweet little eyes. I froze thinking she wouldn't notice the still in PJ's, covered in spit up, hadn't showered mama standing in the door. I was wrong....I quickly closed the door, to which prompted a crying fit for 45 minutes. Epic fail......I should of known!

Sweet Angel # 1

Sweet Angel # 2
No picture of Sweet Angel # 3 :(

So after everyone went back to sleep and woke back up we started the afternoon which wasn't bad....wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I had lots of babies in my lap today....that part was great.

 If they weren't in my lap then they were......
Sticking stickers onto their sister....And getting into who knows what......
How rotten is this sweet girl!!! :)

The hubby got home from work and then there was a little surprise....

This little man was in HEAVEN!!!! After feeding this sweet little one Mr. Hunter was off to do chores with Grandpa.

And while brother did chores.....this sweet mess was rubbing mac-n-cheese in her hair. All in all it was a good day. :)

Back in Action

April 10, 2011

OK I'm back. What a crazy crazy week and a half!!! Our new little one decided to come a little earlier than expected, it got a little scary but everything turn out great and our 8lb 3.5 oz 20 inches long little man is completely adorable!!
This hospital picture is a little blurry but here he is, Dakota Kyle who has already been nicknamed "bear". Little bear, brother bear, kota bear....he has a lot of them! :)
Because things happened a little quicker than expected we forgot to grab the camera when we headed in for the csection so this is the first official picture. Love him!

Such a good daddy. And please ignore the ratty camo hat. He has worn it with all the other deliveries and I believe it even made an appearance at our wedding so it was only fitting it was being worn when little bear arrived! :)
Checking out the newest member of the family. Everyone agreed that he is a keeper.
Especially this guy! Have you ever seen a little man so proud to be a big brother! He has done great with the new changes. He is never to far from his "baby kota" and will grab whatever I need him to get. Such a great helper.
One of the first diaper changes at home, everyone was there to help! :)

The boys of the family. This is a nightly occurrence at our house, Mr. Hunter has told me many many times these past few days that he is "going to be a good daddy too" i have no doubt about that my love. You will be a wonderful daddy!

The day after we brought Bear home Miss Junebug decided that she was going to throw up for 5 days....nope...I"m not kidding. Luckily it wasn't the flu, it was however a blocked bowel.
Until we figured that out this was where you could find Junebug. Sitting on a grandparents lap, and the gparent is ready with a towel and puke times I tell ya. A special thanks to Nana who let this sweet little girl sleep and throw up on her for hours the day after we came home, a thanks to Papa and Bunny who showed off some pretty impressive puke bucket skills, and thanks to Bunny who had to hold Buggy down while they did xrays. I am so blessed that my babies have such WONDERFUL grandparents. It was horrible not being able to hold her and take care of her like I wanted to but she was in great hands!!!!
After everyone was feeling better we decided to get out of the house (with the help of Nana) and go check out these guys,
What doesn't everyone take their 9 day old baby to see the Budweiser Clydesdale's?

First family picture as a family of 5. 
 We have had such great help since we came home. My dad even came back and spent a few days when the hubby went back to work. Life saver!!!!
And Auntie KK came and brought sweet Caroline. What a fun day with all the cousins!!! :)

So tomorrow starts my first official day by myself with three kids.....It could be an interesting post so stay tuned! :)