Fabulous weekend for a family of 4

March 27, 2011

In honor of the big change about to happened I decided to snap a few pictures of what a weekend with our family of 4 looks like.
Breakfast at Ricks, have you ever seen so much stuff crammed on a table?! What can I say we are a breakfast eatin kinda family. There was biscuits and gravy with over easy eggs for the hubby, scrambled eggs with bacon for me, pancakes for the kids, and the most WONDERFUL cinnamon roll for everyone to share. See I wasn't lying we love breakfast, it tastes even better when we sleep in and don't get there until 10:30! :)

I also found an adorable little project for these sweet babies to do with these tasty ingredients.

I melted the white chocolate and mixed it with the pretzels and saved some melted chocolate in the red bowl as the "glue" and let these two kids go at it!

Seriously, have you ever seen such "peepy" goodness! I love these!!!

Supper was Mama's favorite, Spaghetti and texas toast with cheese. If it was allowed I would eat this every day of life, for every meal. When I do make this meal I always leave leftovers so I can have it for breakfast. Spaghetti for breakfast is heavenly.

I love orange babies after spaghetti dinners.

Sunday was pretty low key, hanging out with the fam, relaxing in comfy clothes, reading books. We started to get a little crazy sitting in the house so we decided to go for a drive. We grabbed a little McDonalds, and some Mc Chocolate Chip cookies and headed off to drive around the lake.

When I looked back this was the goodness I found! I think it's safe to say that Miss Junebug enjoyed her dinner, or at least the cookie! :)

We got back home got chocolate covered babies in the bath and got them in bed. I was even able to get the last few baby things done.

Cradle is ready and diaper baskets are filled. A basket of cloth diapers for Junebug, a basket of cloth diapers for the new little one, and a basket of nighttime (disposable) diapers. It's crazy to see pull ups and two different sizes of night time diapers! Good thing Mr. Hunter is in big boy underwear expect for night time, I don't have any more room for another diaper basket!

So everything is starting to fall into place, even the hubby has manned his station. I think we are about ready!

get ready, get set, BABY!

March 23, 2011

It's crunch time here. I feel like there is so much to do and no time to do it in. I know....then why in the world am I on here blogging and not doing what needs to be done. The answer my friends.....I'm tired! Shocker I know. If I actually somehow find a way to sit comfortably, then I don't want to get out of my chair. If my children are actually both sleeping for the night, I don't want to get out of my chair. If my husband actually offers to help, I DON'T WANT TO GET OUT OF MY CHAIR! Are you sensing a pattern here?! :)

I don't remember being this uncomfortable with the other 2 pregnancies. Seriously feeling so huge that I can't move. And yes folks I am well aware that I look like a giant tick about ready to explode, you don't need to point it out to me. Why do people feel like it's ok to tell you that when you are preggers? I have been told more than once, "how miserable I look".  I am now going to take this opportunity to teach everyone what that actually means to a lady who is about to give birth in 8 days. By saying "oh honey you look miserable" what you are actually saying is "HOLY HELL WOMAN! The site of you is actually so shocking, so scary that they only positive/encouraging word that can come out of my mouth is MISERABLE." What ever happened to "glowing". When people tell you that you are "glowing" at the beginning of your pregnancy that means "you're getting a little fat, that's how I knew you were pregnant" I would much prefer being told I was still glowing not MISERABLE! I don't have a weird flesh mutating fungus people I'm growing a human being!!!!

While I am taking this time to teach the world I would also like to inform everyone what is ok and not ok to say to someone with 2 or more children under the age of 3. I would like to start of by saying that believe me that shock of having 3 children in 4 years is not lost on me, nor is the fact that we look like a circus side show when we walk into a place. I get that a woman who looks like a giant tick holding a 15 month old chasing after 3 year old might make some people do a double take, however I don't believe that we have circus music playing as a theme song everywhere we go, at least not that everyone else can here.  So when I am dripping in sweat from just trying to get a gallon of milk, some diapers, and out of the store without knocking over a toliet paper display it isn't helpful for a stranger to say " oh...looks like you have your hands full", or "oh man I bet your house is busy and you have another on the way?!", or my personal favorite "don't you know what causes that?" No. No stranger in the checkout at the grocery store please let me set my milk, diapers, and small children down so I can turn all my attention to you so you can tell me about sex education!
Just in case anyone is wondering I AM WELL AWARE WHAT CAUSES BABIES! So stop asking!!!! Maybe I like being a mom, maybe I like that my babies are going to grow up close in age, maybe I like constantly changing diapers and picking up toys?! Ok maybe I don't like that part but I'm not asking you to change diapers nor are we going to your house and making a mess so don't worry about it. So next time you see a woman with a tribe of children instead of staring in shock and awe, offer to wipe the dripping sweat off her face, or remove the buzz lightyear sticker off her heiny, or just smile when my son tells you that his mommy "got a new hanger for her boops" a.k.a bra, you wear them too... I know I am not the only woman who wears a boop hanger! :)


March 21, 2011

Mondays are always hard at our house. The kids get use to having daddy home on the weekends to play and I miss the extra help.....but not so much the extra mess that the hubby leaves...kidding! Kinda! :) But really Mondays are hard. Today the kids both took really good naps which was wonderful but I knew that it would make for a challenging bedtime if we didn't do something this afternoon! Isn't that horrible that I totally base activities on how tired it will make my kids. It's purely for survival, I am about to have 3 babies under 3 and I am getting pretty good at the "art of exhaustion"! So after nap the babies and I loaded up to go see daddy and go for a much needed hike.
Starting out the hike. I think that it's only fair that the Husband carries a baby too!

I know alot of these picures look the same but I couldn't decide, and I'm pretty sure it's just family who looks at this blog anyway and I know they don't mind!
Looking for the perfect rock so Daddy can teach Mr. Hunter how to skip rocks.


Junebug just taking it all in. I don't if it's the backpack or the fact she is a monkey on her Daddy's back but she is pretty content up there.
Showing me all the "treasures" that he found. When I was little my dad always called them "Leave-r-rights"  meaning, leave them right where you found them. :) My sisters and I would bring EVERYTHING home if my parents let us! I have a feeling I'm going to have to start that saying with my kids too.
I love this little angel face. Just watching her brother learning everything she can.

This man can drive me to drink but I love him, lord knows I do. :)

 Showing me the deer tracks, and his "special eagle friend" tracks. :)

The end of the hike. Love that these boys are hand in hand. Melts my heart.
Showing me his "eagle friend" that came to tell him goodbye! Every bird to him is an eagle. I have tried to correct him but to him if you aren't allowed to shoot it, it's an eagle. :)

Can you Dig it?

March 20, 2011

Thank goodness my kids have a Nana who is very crafty.....strike that, crafty doesn't describe her abilities. She truly is one talented lady which is why Little Hunter got this AWESOME dump truck/ bulldozer cake for his party!

He absolutely loved his cake and his dump truck shirt...that Nana also made. I know folks you don't have to tell me she's awesome! And some of her crafty skills rubbed off on the Hubby which is wonderful since he told me the cookies that I made looked like he needed to do some "detail" work on them.

So in case you missed it here are the cookies that use to look like dogs but thanks to the husband finally look like dump trucks and loaders. :) I am not a crafty person, I have never been, but since I have had kids I seem to think that I am Martha Stewart. I'm not. So I'm very glad that my kids have their Nana and their daddy to do all this crafty smafty stuff!! :)

OK back to the party. The little guy got awesome Caillou rain boots which he was lucky enough to try out in a few puddles left over from the rain that we had earlier yesterday.

After Little Hunter changed into some pants that weren't covered in mud it was time for presents.

Junebug watching her brother open presents and enjoying a cookies. I love this messy faced girl!

He was spoiled rotten and enjoyed every minute of it!! We are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends that love our babies so much!!

Next it was on to the cake!!

Everyone partied hard including my babies and it was 10:30 this morning before either of my kids woke up! And I'm happy to report this lazy Sunday was spent relaxing and fishing with the family.

Buggy enjoying another cookie....what can I say she takes after her mama with the sweets! :)

Mr. Hunter got some new fishing gear from Bunny and Papa for his birthday which he got to try out today, and it was a very successful fishing trip!
Now my babies are down for the night and I'm enjoying some of the wonderful left over birthday cake with my pregnant swollen feet up! :) Only 12 more days until the little one arrives!!!


March 18, 2011

I just realized that I never posted any pictures from the actual day Mr. Hunter turned 3.....soooo...Enjoy! :)