The story of the tubes

January 30, 2011

We had to be on the road by 4:45am to get there by 6am which meant that I had to be up by 3:45 to get myself ready. I knew I would be crazy with nerves but I didn't realize how different the hubby and I handled stress. My nervousness was directed into making sure I had the proper BIG curly hair to lip gloss ratio. I would double check the diaper bag and then go hairspray my hair, and then make sure sippy cups were filled and go slather on some more lip gloss and then notice that somehow my hair had deflated so I would flip my head over and spray it again and race into they next room to worry about something else. The hubby on the other had just sat there very quietly sharping a knife and nodding when I frantically asked him if he started the car for the millionth time, we balance each other nicely! :) This process continued until we got the babies up about 4:30. The plan was that in one stealthy swoop we would sneak these babies from their warm cozy bed and place them in their carseats without them ever waking up. Apparently at 4:30 in the morning I thought we were navy seals or something.....well... I was wrong. The little hunter had managed to soak through EVERYTHING in the night. I panicked, WHAT!??!? I had picked out the cutest buzz light year pj's for him to wear there which not only would nicely complement his sisters adorable bunny pj's but would also server has a great ice breaker between him and the nurses!!!!! Quick thinking hubby suggested the penguin PJ's. Penguins....ok that might work, he really likes penguins, they wouldn't completely clash with his sisters bunny pj's ok crisis solved. Whew....
So everyone made it to the car snuggled up with blankies, lovies, buddy, we were set. They would sweetly drift off to sleep we would drive a little ways to ensure they were good and asleep I would jump out at the next town grab a diet dr pepper and we would be on our way. Wrong. The kids didn't go back to sleep I spent most of the drive climbing over the seat to comfort extremely tired babies who couldn't have a sippy cup all without the power of a diet dr pepper and now I slightly resemble nick nolte's mugshot....awesome.....
We made it to the surgery center so far no major meltdowns thing were going good. They called us back the kids played for a bit and then they gave us adorable little gowns for the kids to change into.

This is the only gown shot we have of Mr.hunter. When the nurse came in to tell us what all would happen the little hunter over heard and promptly took his gown off and put his pj's back on he was not going to get his ears fixed!
They took little Junebug back first. She went just fine without any tears. I was doing fine until I look at the little hunter who was in tears because they were taking his sister....I lost it. I love that he loves her so much. So now I'm crying but trying not to so I don't worry the little man. We played a little to get his mind off of what was about to happen the nurse came in and asked him if he wanted to go get some stickers. Without hesitation he jumped off my lap and went with the nurse, without looking back. Well played nurse lady....well played. Now I'm absolutely sure that his good mood was short lived but they had already sent the hubby and I back out to the waiting room so I don't know how he handled everything.
The hubby and I got to the waiting room he was sweet enough to find me a diet dr pepper and an US weekly magazine, he knows just want I need to try and calm down! :) I sat down to open my glorious diet dr pepper and they said they were ready for us to see little Junebug. WHAT?! Already!! I was so happy she was done
A little out of it from the meds but just as sweet as could be! I was just starting to relax when I hear a little voice scream from down the hall "GIVE ME BACK MY BUDDY!!!" (buddy is little hunter's doll who he loves!). They bring us the little hunter who is completely ticked off that we made him do this. He kept scream "I don't like that doctor, I want to go home! My Ears hurt, I want to go home!" as loud as possible! And being the awesome mom that I am all I could to was smile. I remembered my parents telling me when I was 17 and had my tonsils removed somewhere between the surgery and the recovery room I turned straight foul mouthed trucker screaming curse words, I'm sure my parents were just as proud of their little girl at that moment as I was as proud of my little boy. :) I'm just happy he doesn't know any of those potty mouth words yet! :) Sadly there are no pics of little hunter in recovery since the hubby and I were wrestling still very out of it babies.
Once we got in the car everyone settled down and went to sleep.

By the next day every one was back to their normal self.
Junebug was just as smiley as ever
And the little hunter was his normal ornery self. He said he was going to get a blanket instead he snuggled up in our bed turned on cartoons and fell asleep.

I'm so glad that day is over with and thanks everyone who was thinking of us!

If you get a chance.....

January 27, 2011

Please say a prayer for my little family. Tomorrow at 4:45 AM! we leave to take both my babies to get tubes put in their little tiny baby ears.  Now I know that this is a procedure that is pretty easy but it's still my babies and I still worry and I'm still 7 months pregnant with crazy hormones so...... If you get a chance please say a little prayer for our family
I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!!!

Trying to be a big boy

January 24, 2011

This weekend the hubby along with some family and friends went hunting. However they left to very important people behind.

Poor little hunter and Millie the old hunting dog were left to find birds on their own, and being the awesome (ha ha) mom that I am junebug and I bundled up and let these two friends go hunting.
Some quick backgroud, Millie is actually one of the uncles dogs, but the little hunter and millie have had a special friendship ever since he was little. If you ask him Millie is HIS dog! :)

little hunter and millie 2009

Junebug bundled up and ready to go, we were great at blocking! :)

Look close at his little gun belt and cap gun, love it!

Millie is already leading the way in behind the grass, Mr. hunter himself, and our wanna be hunting dog ace.

Happy babies after a successful hunt.

To make up for leaving the little hunter behind daddy had a special plan in mind.....
Yes this is what you think it is. A four person tent stretch out across our living room

What?! Doesn't everyone spend their Saturday night in a tent watching old cowboy shows? :)

Sometimes we spend the day in our PJ's....

January 20, 2011

And sometime we bug our brother while he is feeding a dinosaur
Sometimes we play blocks
or go for walks...

And sometimes Junebug gets mad when mama says no.
Sometimes we stay in our PJ's when we eat lunch

Sometimes we wakes up from naptime with some sweet bedhead

Sometimes The Little Hunter likes to make smoothies for a snack

We really like smoothies!

Sometimes we play on our own

Sometimes we are still in our PJ's when daddy gets home, so we celebrate by making cookies

Sometimes Junebug sticks close to daddy.
Sometimes Little Hunter requests eggs, blueberries, toast w/honey, and puppy dog cheese for supper.

Sometimes it's nice to end the evening with a relaxing bubble bath

And sometimes a brother jumps in.

And sometimes its nice to snuggle up with a friend.

Afternoon at the Lake

January 19, 2011

After a wonderful trip to see the buffalo we stopped off at the Lake for a little picnic and some playing in the leaves.
Love this place

Throwing leaves
Junebug "mean muggin" :)

Always quickly followed by a happy face!

Cowboys and Indians

January 18, 2011

Every little boy's dream, well maybe not every little boy but definitely these two.
Over the weekend the babies and I went to spend some time with Bunny and Papa (what they lovingly call my parents). Papa and the little hunter spent most of the weekend watching cowboy shows and shooting the TV with Nerf guns anytime a gun fight broke out, always good to have a little back up! :) If they weren't watching cowboy shows then papa was reading a cowboy book. The favorite of the weekend was about a little cowboy and a buffalo. I love that my kids enjoy sitting and listening to my dad tell stories, he is the best story teller, makes my heart happy. Anyway Papa had a few tricks up his sleeve this weekend and surprised the little hunter with a trip to see a "real" cowboy with buffalo.  Now this isn't your run of the mill everyday cowboy with horses and cows. No, this is a cowboys with buffalo, elk, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, ibis sheep, sika deer, and about every other random animal you can think of. When I was little and we would go see this unique cowboy he had ostrich, flying squirrels, and a bobcat (that he kept as a pet) that would jump on my shoulders and just sit there! It was absolutely wonderful when I was little....who am I kidding it's still wonderful out there! And I'm happy to say that the little hunter thought it was just as amazing as I did!
Ready to shoot an Indian or buffalo at a moments notice :)

the binoculars really weren't needed we were maybe only 10 feet away!

in true cowboy fashion always quick on the draw

If you look close you can see the cowboy in the background with a heart just as happy as my little boy's.

Three days later and we are still hearing all about "the real cowboy and his buffalo, but no Indians because the cowboy shoot'em already". 

We also had a picnic at the lake but more on that later!

We did it!

January 17, 2011

Today was our first day of a healthier Herd. We are now eating less of the crud and going for as much healthy, wonderful, delicious,(i'm still convincing myself)  fruits and veggies as our bodies can handle and boy is it hard! Now don't get me wrong I like fruits and veggies, but I REALLY like diet dr pepper, anything chocolate, anything sweet and if I have the sweet then I need the salty, and then if I have the salty then I need the's a horrible cycle! Anyway today we did good and I didn't even hear any complaints from the hubby or the little people that live here!

We started the day with some surprisingly tasty green smoothies. A couple handfuls of spinach, some frozen mixed berries, toss in a few bananas and voila a wonderful quick breakfast. The littles in the family had a little instant oatmeal with this treat and we were all good to go this morning. Just a little mommy tip, the berries make it a little more purple looking then green.

Lunch on the other hand wasn't so fabulous. Grilled cheese with a side of macaroni (the not completely fab part) but we did have some wonderful homemade juice. My sweet momma was nice enough to let me borrow her juicer so we made apple/pear/carrot juice, which again my babies loved. I think their sweet little bodies are just craving anything fresh. This past month I have done a crappy job at making sure everyone is eating healthy, no mother of the year award for me. :)

We even made it to supper eating healthy. Some salad with chicken for the hubby and myself and some chicken with veggies for the littles. So we did it! We made it through the day with only a few bobbles.
Now I'm not saying that we will never again eat anything processed or sugary or that I won't have another diet dr pepper, but we are trying to eat more fruits and veggies and today we did!

Ta Da!

January 16, 2011

Here it is! My first official blog. A blog that will hopefully share all of the laughter and chaos of our rapidly growing family. So here we are
 -L- (the blogger) and "The Hubby" (the blogged about)
"The Little Hunter"

  (picture taken summer 2010)
So here we are. Our gaggle of geese...umm..I mean Herd of Hemphills. I hope you enjoy our blog!
Oh and I forgot to mention that we will be adding one more to our herd in April but more on that later!