Good Morning

June 18, 2020

Four in the morning probably isn't the ideal time to blog, yet here I am going through photos on my camera. It has been a crazy few months. Sometimes it feels like a life time ago and other times it feels like just yesterday. It's weird that my life now has a timeline of "when Dad was still here" and "after Dad was gone". Grief is a weird season. Like a weird friend who also doesn't know which way is up but they are along for the ride. Want to wake up at 2 in the morning an eat a jar of frosting, grief says "that's a great idea!". Want to paint the outside of your house green so it looks like it is going through a midlife crisis, grief says"absolutely!" (for the record it is a pretty green.). Want to order one of everything Amazon has to offer, grief says "DO IT!"  Want to open up a blog that hasn't been touched for far to long and pretend like you remember how to do it, grief says "start some coffee and lets go." So here I am, dusting off the blog and wondering why I don't do this more often. Here is just a small look into the past couple of months. Just some photos that make me smile and remind my heart of little moments and funny stories.

Goldie under "money tree".

More money hunting.

Protecting Bunny and Papa's yard from any bad guys. 

Checking to see if the squirrels and birds have food. 

I don't know when these boys grew into teenagers but they did. 

A little jump rope. 

A little porch sitting.


A round of quarantine hair cuts. Dad had a good day watching all the cousins run around, and got pretty tickled when we started in on hair cuts. Katie did the girls, Nathan and I did the boys, and no major mishaps happened! 

Now some "after" pictures. We went camping at Meade Lake, "Papa's Lake", "my Dad's lake" the lake where I grew up at. And it was just what everyone needed. I say it every time but the magic at Meade Lake, the magic Dad left there is one of my most favorite things. I hope that everyone who gets to go there feels that magic. 

This girl has grown up so much. 

 Archer is like his Mama and really likes the food part of camping. 

Setting up camp was much easier this time. I also really enjoy that I have a kiddo old enough to help so I don't have too. Just kidding I help.....sort of. 

I love the playing that happens when you camp. 

Magically everyone is friends and loves to play pretend. I tell ya, that lake magic is something special. 

The rest of these pictures are all ones that Miss.Jacey took. I love giving her my camera and seeing what she comes back with . 

So if you made it clear to the end, thank you. It was nice to share some happy pictures. Who knows, maybe this blog will come back to life again. 💗
(Also for the record this didn't take me 2 hours to type, my computer froze up and I had to restart)

New Years eve, with a side of influenza.

January 3, 2020

Happy 2020! I hope the new year is off to a great start for everyone and you all are enjoying laying around in comfy clothes not knowing what day it is! At least that is what has been happening here. 

This year our new years eve plans had to be canceled when I ended up with influenza and a pretty intense sinus infection to go along with it.  The kiddos were super bummed and I was feeling pretty bad about parenting from a blanket covered heap on the couch so I did my best to figure out a way to have a fun new years. We ended up doing minute to win it games every thirty minutes (which was just enough time to fall back asleep on the couch before the next game started), and the kids, and Nathan had a blast! 

They popped a balloon at each scheduled time and hidden inside was the game we were going to play. 

Nathan started it off with the blow dart gun.....always keeping it classy around here! 

First up at 6:30 was penny tower. A super simple game were you see how many pennies you can stack in a minute. 

7:00 was "shovel the snow". I put cotton balls in a bowl and they used a spoon in their mouth as the shovel to move the cotton balls from the bowl to the plate. 

7:30 was "Cookie Face". This one was definitely their favorite. The goal is to move a cookie down your face into your mouth with out using your hands. 

Colton got his first one right away so he was working on his second with a cookie in his mouth. 

8:00 came "Flip Cup".....yes like the game you played in college. Look my fever was pretty high when i was thinking up games so we just had to go with it! 😊


8:30 we played "Saran Wrap Ball" game. I couldn't find our oven mitts so we used tall socks and the ball was filled with candy.  This game was probably the second favorite of the night. 

9:00 was "Gone Fishing". I cut a fish out of tissue paper and they used paper plates to blow their fish to race from one end of the rug and back. 

9:30 was "This blows". Again we didn't have much to work with since this was so last minute so using a balloon to race a cup across the table is what we got. 

10:00 we played "Tallest Tower".

I think this game is pretty self explanatory. 😊

It came down to a stand off between Colt and Nathan,

Colton was pretty thrilled he won! 

10:30 we played "Tower of Terror". The goal of this game is to pull the card stock out from in between the cups and make the cups stack into each other. 

It was hard. 

Nathan was the only one who could actually do it. 

11:00 we played "Cheese ball Toss". I don't know that to many were actually made in the cups but the kids had fun throwing cheese balls at each other!  

Finally at 11:30 we played our last game of "This Blows #2". Again creativity, effort and the will to stand had officially left my body and this is what we got. 

But they seemed to have fun regardless of their mama choosing a lame game. 

And at the strike of midnight we popped the last balloon and cracked open the sparkling grape juice and celebrated the new year. Now here we are day three of 2020 and two of us are still fighting this crud and the looming of wondering who will be the next one to drop is heavy in the air! So Happy New Year everyone! It might be a good idea to stay clear of us for awhile!😉