August 4, 2017

We have been at this parenting gig for a while now, a handful of kids over a handful of years and we have learned a few tricks and definitely had a few licks. I don't normally offer a lot of parenting advice, I truly think everyone should parent how they want to parent. You do you and I'll do me and we can meet in the middle for drinks. But tonight I'm going to break my rule of not "telling you what to do". This is a hard and fast rule. I repeat, this is the one rule you should never ever break. 

Don't ever give money from the tooth fairy. NEVER. EVER. Even though you really really want to, don't do it! Learn from my all need to gather round and listen to my story. 

Now we have had many of missing teeth around our house. We have placed crisp one dollar bills under their pillows and waited with excitement the next morning. We did this a couple of times, maybe even the first 4 missing teeth we nailed it every time.  A happy child woke up every time with a sweet new smile and money to spend. Then it seemed like the tooth fairy kept sneaking up on us. We had a couple times where I almost got caught and had to wiggle my large at the time pregnant self into a bunk bed and pretend to be waking my child up in the middle of the night just to snuggle him. There has been times where we forgot all together and had to lie to our sweet disappointed children faces about how tooth fairies can't fly when it is raining, or snowing, or that since they are so small they probably got heat exhaustion and are recovering at home with their mommy and will most likely feel better by the next night. There has been times when we forgot but thank goodness the child wet the bed and while we are stripping sheets it magically got thrown on the floor. Or the time when I forgot and pulled the always a favorite "they won't come if your room is to dirty". Clean room and buys you some time. Double win. Now as my children have gotten older they have started to take precautions. Cleaning their room before they go to bed, not drinking water before bed so they don't lose it when we strip the sheets, and they have even taken to writing detailed notes all around the house so there is no way the tooth fairy can get lost. So pretty much at this point the tooth fairy has to deliver.  

So here is where it gets tricky. We started with crisp dollar bills sprayed with glitter......oh yes glitter. So now they all have to be crisp dollar bills with glitter or better. OR BETTER. We have a lot of kids who are watching this awesome tooth fairy and are expecting greatness. The problem comes in that often we aren't prepared.  Now yes I could run to the ATM to grab some cash but we live in a small town that doesn't have an ATM and the closest town although not far is absolutely to far to drive at 3 in the morning when I wake up in a panic and remember that I have forgot. We have had to get creative when it comes to the tooth fairy. We have used a random $2 bills that my husband had randomly in this sock drawer, we have taken one for the team and used a $5 when one time we thought we were prepared but my sweet husband didn't have his contacts in and grabbed the wrong bill. There was also a time when I woke up at 3:45 and it was snowing so I couldn't go to town....not that I would anyway, and I rummaged though my wallet and my husbands only to come up empty handed but thankfully I remembered that in a random box of things from high school I had a silver dollar that my track coach had given me at graduation. Now I really doubt that Mr. McFall reads this blog but if he does I'm sorry I had to sacrifice your silver dollar but I promise it went to a good cause.  Now side note if you had to use a silver dollar from high school graduation make sure you children can't read or feel free to use that "Graduation 2002" is "tooth fairy" in special tooth fairy language and 2002 in the number of visits he has been on. 
We had a nice long stretch there of winning there for awhile when it comes to the tooth fairy. My dad thought mine silver dollar panic was funny and gave us a role of gold coins to use. And that worked great! But then my kids got into a pirate phase and we started leaving the coins randomly around the house cause we thought it was funny that they thought they were finding pirate treasure, and we ran out.

So here is where my advice....rule comes in. When planning for children I suggest you add tooth fairy gift to the list of all the big decisions. START SMALL like maybe a piece of gum, we all have a random piece of gum in the bottom of our purse. I mean we won't eat it but our kids will! Or raisins, right now I have 2 half eaten containers of raisins in the back of my pantry, I won't eat them, but my kids would! If food isn't your thing then stick with notes. Don't get fancy stationary because eventually you will run out and one kid will get a fancy letter and the other kid will get chicken scratch on the back of an envelope and there will be tears. Use something you will always have.... like toilet paper! You will always have toilet paper and paper is paper. Man I wish we would of discussed this when we were planning our family. 😊  

So what I'm trying to say here is start out small, if you absolutely have to use money start with a penny, and absolutely no glitter. 

Otherwise you will be painting a dollars worth of coins with glittery fingernail polish at midnight. 
All in the name of motherhood I guess! Cheers! 💜  

Family Fishing

August 2, 2017

On Sunday Bunny, Papa and Little Pup came to town and since the weather was beautiful out and not a hundred million degrees we decided to spend a little time fishing. 

If you have been here for awhile fishing pictures are nothing out of the ordinary. 😊 I have had a few new faces visiting the blog here lately so I feel like I should let you all in on a little secret. Happy, sad, stressed, worried, excited, bored, or,  raining, snowing, windy, perfect weather, are all perfect reasons for my Herd to be out fishing. 

Fishing makes their world better, and I just like my people happy.  

Even Miss Goldie likes to get in on the fishing. 

Aunt Libby came with cupcakes which made Gold extremely happy. 

Dakota takes after his daddy when it comes to fishing. He would be perfectly fine with being out there all day and all night. 

Trying to get the hook out of the fish he caught. 

Goldie figured out that cupcake. 

The kids kept Papa pretty busy when it came to taking fish off and baiting hooks. 

This one made me laugh! Three kiddos needing Papa's help, opening up juice, putting a new worm on, and Colt is the one needing the fish off.

I had a ton more pictures but when I transferred them over they were all so blurry you couldn't even make it who was in them. I don't know if it was camera issues or computer issues.....But hopefully it's not anything to major. But I'm so sad all the cute ones I had of Bunny and Libby taking the kids on a walk are all blurry. :(

That's it for tonight friends, but I'm kind of enjoying this blogging more often, hopefully you all are too....otherwise that's super awkward 😊 . I have a few more blogs floating around in my head so hopefully you all will stick around! 

A trip to Mimi's House

July 29, 2017

On Thursday the kids and I got to sneak away for a bit and go see our sweet friends! Michelle (or Mimi as Archer so lovingly calls her) and her kiddos are pretty much family and it has been an adjustment for everyone now that they have moved.  

When we lived in the same town at least once a week......or 2 or 3 times 😊 we would go to each others house first thing in the morning yoga pants and all and have coffee while the kids played, some days we would stay for lunch or if we weren't at our house my babies had no problem napping at Mimi's house and we would stay all day. It was just nice and easy.  

If you don't have a friend who you can show up unannounced with 5 children and its no problem, and keeps your favorite wine on hand  and has diapers for your children (when hers are well out of diapers)  or a friend who whenever you make a batch of cinnamon rolls you know to make two because her son loves them. You need to find one! ;) They are game changers!
Also since Michelle decided she needed to move away from me I am now taking applications for friends who will let me come over unannounced with 5 children and drink your coffee. ;) 

We were all needing day like old times and that is exactly what we got! Kiddos played, coffee was drank, game plan for each others lives were created, jewelry was discussed, curly hair products were tried out,  it was a great day! 

Archer without a doubt has his Mimi wrapped around his finger but she doesn't mind one bit and was at the ready with oranges and cookies all day. All he had to say was "Mimi please...." and she pretty much jumped off the couch to get it for him. But I don't blame her that dimple and toothless smile is pretty hard to resist. 

And because she is my best friend I put a horrible picture of myself up on the internet because she looked great in it! 😅

Weekend Recap

July 26, 2017

I was really trying to get this post up at the beginning of the week....but life, and five kids, and two dogs, and a rabbit.....okay now I'm just making excuse, but we really do have a rabbit and I was really trying to have this up at the beginning of the week. Wednesday is still the beginning right! 😊

Saturday the kids requested pancakes and while I was cooking they were playing outside. Then Uncle Andy came over and the real fun began! Running inside for a pancake or two and then back outside for a trip down the water slide was exactly the easy summer morning we needed. 

Even Miss Goldie got to come check out all the fun. 

She got in on the action for a bit, 

but she was more content to just sit and watch. Goldie and Uncle Andy are kind of special buds so whenever she gets a chance to have him all to her self she usually takes it. 

Then the kids were introduced to baby soap on the slide and I'm pretty sure you could hear their giggles all the way across town!
Our Saturday was already pretty good but then we had some special visitors show up! 

Uncle Nic, Aunt Heather and the boys came to town! Colt was super excited to get to love on baby Eli! His sweet little baby giggles were precious and we all made sure to act like fools to see who could get him to laugh. 

It was a big day for Brogan, he got his first official Hemphill Boy Summer Haircut. Uncle Nathan has a little bit of practice when it comes to summer haircuts so he did the honors. 

This picture makes me laugh, all three original Hemphill boys trying to keep him entertained to get his haircut. Brogan was a pro and didn't need any of their help though! He was a pro... and he had Aunt Laura quick on the draw dishing out skittles. 😊

I wish I would of gotten a before picture but his after looks pretty handsome!!

After haircuts and dinner it was time for a night swim. 

Colt was gone to a rodeo with some friends but all the other Hemphill babies were there. Such a fun weekend with everyone! Uncle Nic and Aunt Heather you need to stay longer next time and Uncle Andy the kids are already planning how to make their backyard water slides bigger and better! 

camera dump

July 22, 2017

Happy Saturday friends! My kiddos are all still sleeping from a late night out at the county fair so I thought it was a perfect time for some coffee and catching up on the blog! Earlier this week I went to use the big camera to take pictures for Miss Goldie's birthday and my memory card was to this is a whole bunch of random from the past couple months! So grab some coffee, you might be here awhile!

Absolute love slow mornings, and the fact these guys choose to sit right next to each other even when there are plenty of extra seats. 

We finished up baseball a couple weeks back. It was a busy season we had three playing on three different teams so most nights I was running from field to field trying to watch everyone. 

This was Colt's first year of player pitch. It is a pretty big jump up from pitching machine but he did great! 

Dakota had a great year of tball! He swung for a home run every time at bat and thoroughly enjoyed the snacks after each game! 

Getting a game plan for where he was running next! 
Jacey girl played coach pitch this year  but sadly I didn't get any pictures of her on my big camera, but I can assure you she looked adorable and played just like her Bunny! (Bunny is what the kids call my mom, and my mom was kinda a softball all star!) 

Moving on now to the Miss Kansas Parade. I absolutely love a good parade, fair, carnival, and I'm happy to report I have passed that love onto my kids!

Jacey walked with her dance group and did one handed cartwheels and roundoffs the whole time. The entire 7 blocks. She got lots of cheers and waves from our friends throughout the parade route and she absolutely loved it! 

And her hands were black by the time she got done! :)

Waving at the princesses.

Eating some snacks. 

Colton walked with the boy scouts and looked very handsome, Dakota also did boy scouts this year and could of walked but he decided to hang out with us and grab all the good candy.  

My loves. 

Some sweet friends watching with us! It's kinda turning into a tradition, see next year George kiddos! 

Archer was so excited to finally see the firetrucks! 

Fast forward now to playing in the water at Nana's house. 

Playing with cousin B.

Cousin B quickly figured out the hose and got Jacey, which as you can see cracked Colton up!

She has since lost her front tooth and looks so different now!

Moving on to Archer's birthday. Miss Goldie eating a pickle with Bunny. 

Colt didn't believe I could still pick him up so I had to prove that I could which made Gold jealous so she had to get in on the action too. 

My book end babies. 

All the cousins (expect G) on the trampoline. 

The birthday boy and Papa.

This sweet boy is absolutely obsessed with paw patrol so that is exactly what he got for his birthday!  

Chase and Marshall or Bo and Archer. :)

Big 3 year old! 

I'm pretty sure Archie had a great day that day! 

And finally Miss Goldie turned one. ONE. So hard to believe that we are already here. No more babies.....but that's a whole different sad blog post. :)

My view while I did dishes that morning. 

She completely enjoyed taking it easy on her birthday morning. 

Party time! 

Jacey and Aunt April.

Learning some new tricks with Uncle Andy. 

Our sweet baby girl. 

The last birthday picture before my camera got to full. But if you love a baby covered in birthday cake shoot over to my Instagram and there are a bunch more birthday pictures there! 

Okay that was the quick version of our past couple months! It's 8am and my kids are all still sleeping! This never happens so I'm going to grab one more cup of coffee while the house is quiet. :) Thanks for reading!!